Google Is Stepping Up Its Game-GMB



Google has made some significant changes since last December with Google My Business (GMB). Change is good, for us in the SEO world, as it keeps us on our toes, if we want to stay ahead of the learning curve. Some of these changes are akin to the DUDA platform. The location attribute change being the most relevant to the DUDA manageability styled platform. My guess is that this Google update may now start to influence how the WordPress format will begin to make similar subtle changes (though as pointed out by another SEO cohort, Zack Greenfield) WordPress has an average of two to three plugin updates daily, which is distracting, at best.

With Google being the current “Mastermind” of all search engine optimized placement and with Facebook breathing rapidly down its back this is an advantage for SEO showmanship to stand out and for us to give value to our clients, as they can be overwhelmed with all of these constant changes. Well, derived information placement is key to the survival of any business structure. Google is zoning in on this aspect which will eliminate or disrupt a lot of the “garbage in-garbage out” informational clutter and placement of searched engine results currently ranking. The double-edged sword is that now the challenges of ranking sites has doubled because the mobile ranking is a different platform from its desktop counterpart. While this process is an added benefit for Google Adwords, it’s the business owner that has to pay for it.