New Social Pastime Behavior -Can SEO Help ?

Can SEO Help The New Social Pastime Behavior?

Retail Owners Be Advised

How SEO services can help you not fall victim to being unwilling clients of “New Age Entrepreneurs. “


How does the “New Social Pastime Behavior” affect your business? The fact that “consumers” of the behavior (and I’m using that term very loosely here) are so brazen to post their wares online is hysterically dysfunctional to me. I wonder if their thought process is that they are, “New Age Entrepreneurs?”

As a retail business owner, you may ask, “How does use of SEO services help me with my shoplifting problem? Here are several methods, if you think about the long-term effects. Ultimately, you’re in business to sell your wares. To sell your stock, you need customers: Paying customers. Our services provide you with checking the backend of your advertising, website structure to make sure that you’ve utilized all methods of search engine optimization allotted to you to draw organic traffic towards your site. If you’ve taken advantage of all those benefits, you get better placement within the search engines which makes potential customers find you much easier when they search online. What they’re seeking while searching online should be the result of being drawn into your storefront.
Many businesses are of the mindset that all they need to do is create a website. Most business owners are unaware of the effects of having broken links, hacked or penalized sites; let alone the benefits derived from proper usage of metadata, descriptive imagery, precise keywords, etc… Knowing that type of information is a job within itself. It can be overwhelming. However, the use of a reputable SEO service will take care of that aspect of your business for you. The key part is that yes, the SEO company that you choose needs to be reputable.

In speaking with another business cohort of mine, about a month ago, she was in a coffee shop and had witnessed a chiropractor posting literature within their community offering free 15-minute massages. She took one of the chiropractors posted flyers and processed his website information. My cohort was then distraught because she observed that there were porn site links attached to the chiropractor’s website. She hadn’t been looking to gain him as a client, but she hated the fact that someone was taking advantage of him. By gently suggesting to my cohort that she just give Dr. C. the information, of what she had found: she wound up feeling a lot better. The good doctor was grateful that she had let him know the status of his internet site. Because he’d done nothing with the site, other than having it built, several years ago: Dr. C. then understood why he hadn’t been receiving the responses he’d expected. He respected the fact that she’d given him the information and asked her to handle his SEO business for him. Those are my ideal client scenarios whereby both parties share a mutual respect and understanding of how marketing has changed. The client welcomes assistance, and they embrace having a “Transitory” partnership.

I refer to myself as a “Transitory” partner”. I like the idea of being able to take on clients that understand the benefits of what detailed advertising can accomplish for them. I take on clients that I respect and that I sense our personalities will mesh. It’s important to me that we’re comfortable communicating with each other. What I won’t do are “hard sells.” That stems from the fact that I understand not liking “sales” people. I know what I mean when I say, “No” to something. So, with that said, if a prospect tells me, “No” I walk away.  A prospect may not be ready at that time: pressuring someone doesn’t make them feel any better about an important decision. Allowing someone time to process information can make a difference, on their terms. There’s always an exception but, any SEO company that claims that they can get the job done for you within a month or two is not the right SEO agent for you to connect with if you’re looking for sales growth.