As a business owner, start your 2018 with a deep-rooted vision of becoming financially free or at least creating some “FREE” aspects of earning income from merchant services which you or your brick and mortar business utilize daily anyway. My goal in life has always been to serve and assist others. If you knew that you had the opportunity to get paid with no more than using a service, would you use it? And on that merit alone you’d give that service a high review, thereby reaping the reciprocal benefits monthly. While only referring these services to five, ten or twelve other friends, acquaintances or family members is all you’d need to do to attain these daily services for free would you become excited? The wave of the future is still the internet. More and more people are becoming successful IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) via the internet. People utilize search engines seeking answers. More and more of us would like the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones instead of working 40 hours a week for someone else. Ask yourself, “Why am I not being compensated for promoting your services as a telecommunications, energy source provider or essential home service company?” We are increasingly becoming a country of the “Haves and the Have Nots.” By supplying an endorsement for a product/service which we believe in (as we pay our monthly bills showing proof of support) we now have an opportunity to not only create a benefit of value for ourselves but to also gain a chance to support a project which will feed a hungry child within our state. What an additional blessing is that: this “playing field” which had been reserved previously for significant corporations is now wide open to those of us willing to put forth a little more work to educate and show others the way to a better less stressful way of life ready to explode for the taking. Telecommunications, energy services, and supportive home services are the right of passage in acquiring residual income for yourself. These are products we all use daily! This IBO business model, currently in 26 countries and on five continents is going to explode as the new AMAZON within the next three years. Celebrating its 25th year next month, ACN will successfully receive the recognition it deserves and will grow exponentially creating the largest pool of international multi-millionaires ever. Grab your slice of the soon-to-be trillion dollar pie and let’s all share in the fun, success and financial freedom of the future. Stop trading your time for money in 2018, and start I to garner more time with your loved ones.


UPDATE: I can’t wait to share the information regarding the newest partnerships, and services we’ve acquired with several top name vendors which only enhances our opportunity to assist more people in saving money with services which they undeniably will not live without the benefit of using daily. Happy 2019 to us all. Anyone interested in finding out more information regarding the power of residual income and how to make it work for you reach out to me. I will tell you upfront that this is not a get rich quick scheme. I do this part-time, spare time. But, with the right mindset that enforces the fact that we work for corporations and other jobs where we have to work on their timelines, I’m prepared to give my vision several years (3-7 years) to come into fruition. Working on my terms as it propels me forward into living my version of my best life while I assist with alleviating the financial pressures for others along the way is fulfilling a need for me along with others.