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Use SEO To Market Your Storefront Presence In 2017

It’s a brand new year: 2017 has arrived, and we’re almost 45 days into its newness. If you’re serious about your business, then you’re striving to rank on page one of search engine metrics better know as SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Is your business focal within the top ten of page one for your particular website niche and keywords? Whether you’re a local or national brand unless you’re positioned to propel traffic to your storefront (other than using word of mouth) you need to be in a position of steering organic visitors to your business domain. By utilizing reputable SEO service providers, you can accomplish this task.

Many business owners are not in tune to how SEO will benefit their operation. What happens is that most website owners think that by putting up a website they are guaranteed visitors allowing their business to flourish, grow and become a lucrative money stream. The odds of this process happening without the use of a good SEO firm are relatively null and void.

By utilizing search engine optimization techniques, your SEO agent will know the current changes affecting your ability to stay ahead of the internet conversions. Our business is to know how and when search engine algorithms evolve along with how best to optimize your website.

If you are paying for ad campaigns, do you know if your campaign is attracting the right clients for you based on your keywords? Our firm finds multiple website operations daily where the storefront domain does not rank anywhere within the first 20 pages of search engine results. Most people only look at the first 2-3 pages when seeking out a reputable service provider. Correct structure of your domain assures that you will not need to use or pay for ad campaigns unless you have expendable funds and your operation wants the extra resulting benefits. We focus on using “long tail keywords” to draw attention to your website and keyword niche. PPC, pay per click, is a process better used for advanced campaign metrics as it’s usage can be beneficial but can also become pretty expensive if not used efficiently. We utilize sound guidelines: SCHEMA a bonafide method of setting up domains correctly along with knowledge gained from using w3schools.com. We also offer a report which will streamline and show you where your website traffic is coming from, as a large percentage of the traffic could be coming from bots rather than human traffic (of which you’re still paying for if you utilize paid ads). By using our process, you will increase organic traffic clientele and grow your business sales while streamlining your paid ad accounts.

Based on the needs of our clients we determine how long their contract will last. Most contracts, within 7-10 months, are finalized. The more intense the requests, the longer it will take to complete the transaction. Every case is different. We have a Discovery Form which asks specific questions to determine what it is that you want to transpire. Our method is very accurate to your needs.

With AZ SEO Phoenix: our thought process is that you as the business owner can try and learn all the aspects of ranking. Or, as the proprietor, you can hire an expert SEO firm to do the back end job of ranking your website while you continue to run your storefront, which you know and enjoy. Our organization’s primary goal is to assist your business in rising higher than your competition without a need for taking shortcuts.


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