There Are Benefits of Using HPTFs

  Though Google Adwords claims to charge a customer only when someone clicks their link Google Adwords cannot verify that the targeted audience is for your niche hence creating the potential platform for click-fraud.    Our searches of prospective clients have found that many LOCAL business owners are not aware that their targeted customer base may not be within their city, let alone their community of neighboring prospects. There is a false premise that simply by putting up a website you will automatically attract your clientele niche of shoppers.     The validation of your PPC Adwords traffic destination is where our Agency HPTF comes into play. What makes our high-performance traffic filters the game changer is that our filter loads and checks for malicious bots and IP’s then immediately blocks them before your page begins loading. This factor alone will minimize your incorrect Ad spend by up to 40%.   HPTFs allow for very distinct geographical location targeting whereby you can pick not only the countries but their regions and chosen location grouping within neighborhood areas. Powered by Siphon HPTFs is a great resource to utilize once it has helped you verify that your traffic metrics are correct. The continued use of the filter is scaleable to help you track your niche interests and growth patterns.