November 21, 2016, Phoenix
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Digital Marketing, SEO

Let me tell you my inspiration for growing my Digital Marketing Agency before I honestly knew what this business entailed. I’d grown up in the customer service industry where I enjoyed helping other people by servicing their needs. I prided myself on being able to give each shopper just a little bit more than what they’d expected. There was always a thrill for me in going above and beyond my perception of their expectations.  

As a dedicated new and upcoming search engine business entity, I’ve taken the time to immerse myself in learning the ends and outs of this incredible trade. Of foremost importance to me was delving into some of the instrumental platforms that set the standards of the internet. The wealth of knowledge gained regarding the structure of the computer network world, and how those entities would affect my new venture is invaluable.   

Other than being committed to finding information when necessary mostly for work (in my pre-SEO life “b4SEO“) I was not very familiar with or interested in using the internet. I remember being coaxed by a friend to sign up for a Facebook account, as I hadn’t been gung-ho about using social media either.The internet was simply about plugging in a phrase and gathering information quickly- short and sweet!   

Now after a year of sweating, tearing up and outright crying with very minimal blood loss, I get it! I now understand the importance and the hierarchy of the search engines and how there are billions of search requests by people monthly, who rely on the accurate information shared online. One of my primary goals in life has always been to be a part of the solution rather than being a part of the problem. Naturally, assisting people online is a bigger forum within which to fulfill my purpose of creating value and assistance to others.  

My research has directed me, on occasion, towards some of the downfalls of the internet which are that there are people that put a lot of garbage here. How many of us have searched for information (particularly life-saving information) only to be lead down a string-of-links which culminated in a dead-end search, where the link simply ends and takes you no further? Or how many have clicked on a link for “X Plus” and wound up being directed to “Z Minus”? These internet situations happen, and they’re considered “spam.” I’ve frustratingly experienced dead-end results, and I’ve also read about some of the horror stories regarding spammers. The negative input approach to search engine traffic and conversions happens when spammers are more focused on “gaming-the-system rather than providing solid, reliable information. These were the same “kids” who cheated on tests in school and eventually got caught. 

  Through my learning of the primary components which positively affect ones’ search experience via the internet, I now can utilize my Call-To-Action as an established method of how I’ve assisted others to grow their business format into creating an increased organically sought after location destination for their customers. The “magic” of optimization for any client’s website is in understanding and using the requirements of web standards given to us by the internet itself. 

  I give praise to my mentors that helped to guide me throughout this past year. Studying under the tutelage of OMG Machines has been one of the most productive and beneficial courses I’ve used in grasping the concept of how resourceful Google, Bing, and Yahoo are and how they are major components in sharing information with our universal pool of clientele. Being able to optimize websites correctly is a very sound and efficient process when one knows how to relate to how the masses seek out information.   

Website owners need to become cognizant of the difference between organically produced site traffic vs. PPC or pay-per-click garnered traffic through the usage of Adword campaigns. If business owners, particularly digital advertising companies, have optimization of their revenue drivers (keywords, business pages, business posts, articles, etc.) performed correctly by qualified search engine firms then they could considerably reduce their advertising costs while attaining the same results. Digital Ad Fraud is at an all-time high. AZ SEO Phoenix is exceedingly hopeful that when the crackdown happens, and the fraudsters penalized the hard working agencies of optimization will rise even higher above their competition, and continue to assist businesses in securing their organically developed customer base and ROI.