2017 started with a bang, for our AZ SEO Phoenix firm. As a new and flourishing SEO Agency, we strove to make sure that we didn’t overbook any clients who would hinder our ability to support our customer base thoroughly.

   We stand by our commitment to attain only a handful of clients at any given time to assure that we give them our utmost attention.

   By having our prospective clients fill out our Discovery Report, at the onset of communicating, it allows both the client and us to precisely know what result they’re expecting to pay us to accomplish. We need to be able to break the information down into key point bullet points. Along with giving them an ETA of when the results will come to fruition is part of the equation supplied, also. For seasoned SEOs, we don’t work with people that choose to be difficult and are unwilling to provide us with the information required to allow us to perform at our peak. 

  Though we handle local SEO and digital marketing for all areas and communities of Arizona part of the charm of our business format is that we can work anywhere in the world: yeah!

  In starting our SEO operation, we were very focused on getting our brick and mortar location established. Now that we’ve accomplished that task, we share business with our national associate: Phoenix.net.

  Search Engine Optimization considered a longtail keyword for the term SEO, is what most business owners are not aware of as being a necessary factor in having their storefront name or persona appear on front pages of search engine results. The SERPs, another name for search engine results pages (also a longtail keyword), is how people looking for your service or products can quickly locate your information through Google, Bing, or any other search engine they use.

  When your business doesn’t show on page one or page two when prospects are searching for assistance, most people do not go looking for a service back on pages 10-20 or further.

  Most small business owners think that once they have a website built people will find them. That is a falsehood notion plain and simple!

  Some business owners also believe that the person building their website for them is also knowledgeable regarding proper SEO, Schema, Meta Data, GeoTagging, Keyword usage, and various other ranking factors necessary to get a website up and operable in an efficient manner whereby you the owner is garnering organic foot traffic for your local storefront.

  Do your homework when seeking out reputable Digital Marketing, SEO businesses. It can be costly but, the effects of gaining new customers and referrals will be worth your efforts of partnering up with the right SEO company.

   We pride ourselves on delivering more than you expect. Though we work within your budget, we may offer suggestions which allows us to streamline how fast or slow you’d see results. We will break the projects down into manageable modes of operation to give you a comfortable image of seeing results in some areas before plowing full speed ahead, if at all.